About Errtaj company

About Errtaj company

Errtaj is based in the region of the Argan grove in Sousse Massa, We are a family business aiming to create an approach aiming at maintaining the naturalness at the level of the range of its cosmetic products, without addition of processed chemicals; with raw materials and ingredients 100% natural and organic, vegetable oils including the most popular Argan oil, prickly pearseeds oil, essential oils, extracts of medicinal plants, algae, hydrosols, clays and others.

We actively contribute to the improvement of the livelihoods of local women communities, who depend on these activities to provide for their families and the development of the Argan grove and to sustainable local development.


In Arabic Errtaj, means the pillar of the large luxurious door; my mother is from the region, and we grew up watching our grandmothers, mothers and aunts spend their day collecting and extracting Argan oil. Therefore, “ Errtaj ” also means inheritance, because for these tall women, it was not only something that they learned to do for decades, but it was a way of life, a source of life and a love to share, they always used Argan oil to nourish and hydrate their skin and protect it from external climatic factors.


Today, we dedicate this heritage to the world and to the Berber women of the region who help us build this business.

The environment is also one of the most important things we care about at all stages of the manufacturing of our products, So we fully recycled all remaining after manufacturing.