Argan oil+ Eye Contours

Argan oil+ Eye contours
eye-contour-725×725eye-contour2-725×725eye-contour-anti-spot-figue-de-barbarie-725×725Argan oil+ Eye contours

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A veritable fountain of youth. A magical blend of Organic all Natural Argan Oil & essential and vegetable oils such


Organic Argan oil and Organic, Pure Essential and vegetables oils such us: rose musk of Chile, Cactus oil, Rosewood, Rosa damascene, Immortelle, Cistus ladanifer, Niaouli, Geranium rosat, palmarosa

How it works?

– Moisturizes, soothes, firms, repairs, and nourishes the skin imparting upon it a youthful and refreshed glow

– Deeply rejuvenates the eye area as well as the entire face and neck

– Reduces the appearance of wrinkles

– Firming serum, rich in natural components

How you can use Argan oil+ For Eye contour?

– As an intense eye contour and face rejuvenator during the night

– Clean your skin properly with Errtaj Natural Argan soap free from fragrances, chemicals, colors, and alcohol

– Shake the bottle before using the product, Spray 1-2 drops of the oils into your palm hand

– Apply in gentle circular massage with your fingertips to your eye contour, face and your décolleté

– Use it every night

– Ovoid sun exposition

– It’s great for all type of skin


Made in Morocco, 15 Ml spry

Certified organic USDA-NOP

To be applied before bedtime

Prescription : Downlaod PDF



Additional information




5L, 10L

Package size

Spray 15ML


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