Eye contour, Anti wrinkles

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A veritable fountain of youth. Argan oil & prickly pear seed oil both.

Certified organic, 100% pure and natural.

Produced from organic farming, highest quality guaranteed.

Product from Organic Farming, Highest Quality


Organic and pure Argan oil (rich in Vitamin E, anti-oxidants, essential fatty acids, polyphenols, sterols, squalene…)

Organic and Pure prickly pear seeds (exceedingly rich in Vitamin E, anti-oxidants, essential fatty acids, polyphenols, sterols, squalene…)

 How it works?

Argan oil and prickly pear seeds oil, are exceedingly rich in organic and pure components

– Moisturizes, soothes, firms, repairs, and nourishes the skin delivering a fresh, youthful-looking

– Promotes elasticity

– Protects the skin’s moisture barrier

– Intense skin eye contour and face, neck, décolleté rejuvenator

– Excellent anti-aging properties

How you can use prickly pear seeds oil, and Argan oil?

– As an intense eye contour, face, neck and décolleté rejuvenator during the night

– Clean your skin properly with Errtaj Natural home made Argan soap free from fragrances, chemicals, colors, and alcohol

– Roll on prickly pear seed oil first, allow 5 minutes for absorption then roll the Argan oil on top of it

– Use it every night

– Ovoid sun exposition

– It’s great for all type of skin


7 Ml roll on prickly pear seeds oil and 7Ml roll on Argan oil

Certified organic USDA-NOP and ECOCERT-EOS

To be applied before bedtime

Prescription : Downlaod PDF

100% certifiée organique, pure est Naturelle.


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Roll up 10 Ml each


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