Consumers are increasingly concerned about the products they apply to their skin and hair, and look for those that have more positive effects on their health and the environment

The extensive studies in the field of biology of natural ingredients and extracts followed by training in the formulation of natural and organic cosmetics, brought us closer to the real needs of cosmetics today, which should commit to taking into account several principles based essentially on respect for the health of humans and the planet.

Errtaj is a business with the aim of promoting natural, organic and local cosmetics with an eco-responsible footprint and identity, while respecting biodiversity and fighting against the overexploitation of natural resources, of creating a professional range of specific essential care Ultra concentrated and effective.

Our formulas are very simples, with the minimum of ingredients but very good qualities from our local raw materials, 100% natural, biodegradable and organic, free from chemically or genetically transformed ingredients, Mineral oil, additives , synthetic perfumes and dyes, preservatives harmful to health.

Hand Made is the production process of our cosmetics, a well-thought-out technique, adapted to customer needs while minimizing the use of machines to reduce the impact of global warming.

The secret of our range lies in the revolutionary simple, eco-friendly pure and organic composition of each product, which is remarkably high in essential fatty acids, natural antioxidants, vitamins, essential oils, hydrosols, bio-enzymes, active ingredients and natural preservatives, are all components very similar to the natural components of our earth, skin, hair and nails

Each product is accompanied by a story that describes its origin, (traceability), its benefit, everything that affects it, directly or indirectly, is governed by the expertise of a transparency company vis-à-vis the general public.

To actively contribute to the improvement of the livelihoods of local Berber women communities, our cooperatives partners and to the development of the Argan grove and to the sustainable development of the land. A The enhancement of our wealth in terms of Natural raw materials including the most popular argan oil and oil

No animal ingredients.                                                           No animal testing.


Argan oil
Argan oil
Argan oil

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What people said

I absolutely love Errtaj’s argan oil! I was introduced to it by a friend who has amazing skin, when I asked her what her skin care routine was she started raving about this argan oil so much that I just had to try it.
I have very acne prone skin that is also dry. I literally tried everything from harsh chemicals like benzoyl peroxide (which wreaked havoc on my skin) to super gentle face washes and nothing. When she told me put oil on your skin I was skeptical but I decided why not.
She recommended I put a thin layer on my skin after cleaning it like a moisturizer before going to bed. After a week any doubts I had were out the window. Not only did my acne get less inflamed and some pimples even went away- my skin’s grain started to change, my skin now looks firmer and more hydrated. Everyone I know started complimenting me on my skin and asking what foundation I had on.
I have been using Erttaj’s Argan oil for 2 months now and I will never look back.
I highly highly recommend this product to anyone who has skin issues like mine.

Sophie Vandormale
Guelph, Ontario, Canada

Ever since the age of 15 I have been straightening my hair, I hated my natural shapeless curls and when I discovered straighteners it seemed as if all my prayers were answered.

Chloe Blume
Montreal, Quebec Canada

This company’s argan oil has been a heaven sent for my hair. I have thick and coarse african hair that hardly grows. I have been using this oil for about 7 months and although it is taking more time for the results to show on my hair because of its nature – I am very pleasantly surprised. The hair is so much softer and much much easier to style, and I even had a few inches of growth which would have taken me years otherwise.
I could rave about this product forever I have nothing but good things to say!
But what really touches me even more is that not only is the product great and delivers what it promises, every bottle sold helps a rural woman in Morocco feed, clothe and support her family.
In this day and age I find it wonderful that there really are companies out there that give back.
I wish you guys tremendous success and I will continue to support you and spread the word.

Myriam Diawara
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

ouahhh !! super la pub !! elle va faire un malheur !!je croise les doigts , tu vas exploser les commandes !

Mireille Gauthier


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Errtaj Argan oil

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