How is Argan oil produced?

How is Argan oil produced?

The Argan tree produces an oval-shaped green fruit, which ripens to a yellow-orange color and contains 2-3 kernels inside a pit. In order to extract the kernels from the almond, the almond must first be cracked open. This is the most difficult part of the process. The Argan pit ranks among the hardest nuts around. Machines designed to crack them have been known to produce poor results. Berber women however have perfected a technique to crack the hard shells with stones.

Today many cooperatives and companies use machines to raise production to supply the increasing market demand.

The process of extraction of Argan oil takes many  hours of work.

2-½ kg (5 ½ lbs.) of kernels produce 1 liter of pure Argan oil.

Benelits of Culinary Argan oil:

Culinary Argan oil lowers cholesterol, facilitates digestion, and improves blood circulation. Its nutty delicious flavor could be savored raw, in salads and bread or cooked in a meal.